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Продажа мототехники (мотоцикл) Yamaha FJR1300 2009 года в США

Объявление добавлено 24 марта 2015. Количество просмотров: 402. 

Мотоцикл Yamaha FJR1300 2009 года

  • Наличие товара: под заказ
  • Объём: 1300 см3
  • Тип: Мотоцикл
  • Состояние: б/у
  • От продавца: 009 Yamaha Fjr1300 A, The FJR1300A is a powerful sports bike folded into a rideable tourer. Its 145 horsepower and 99 foot-pounds of torque are controlled by a lightweight, single shock frame with a perfectly tuned chassis. When it's time to make miles, a height-adjustable saddle, electrically adjustable windscreen and two large detachable saddlebags are at the ready. The FJR is a blast to ride and a symphony of sound with the Two Brothers Exhaust System. I also have the original exhaust which is in new condition. I sit a little tall in the saddle, so installed the taller Yamaha windshield, but I also have the original stock one. $9,400.00 

Объявление на сайте продавца: http://jumotors.ru/moto/moto_759.html